We guide our clients through our own comprehensive planning process called SoundNavigation™, covering four key areas of personal wealth management. 




  • Envision and define your life's values and goals
  • Organize your finances by aggregating assets into one consolidated view
  • Chart your financial future with a written plan


  • Boost earnings through strategic career management
  • Benefit from employer matching, stock options, pension, and other benefits
  • Leverage a proper level of debt with your longer range goals


  • Shelter investments from the negative drag of taxes
  • Allocate your portfolio in alignment with your risk tolerance and goals
  • Discipline your savings and spending habits and investor behavior


  • Insure against potential risks to your longrange plans
  • Hedge against potential risks of longevity, health care costs, pension survivorship, etc.
  • Legacy your assets to express your life's values and goals